Just setting up your texting account and not sure where to get started? Just follow these first few steps to start generating leads as soon as possible!

  1. If you don't have an invite code just yet, sign up for a time to speak with us by clicking Request Access on www.leadsherpa.com
  2. Once you have an invite code, create your log in.
  3. Select your market (this is what deciphers the area codes of the phone numbers you'll use, so do this accurately).
  4. Choose your subscription tier, and enter your credit card details.
  5. Confirm registration details and set a call-forwarding number. This is the number that prospects will be redirected to should they call the number they received a text from. We have ours directed to a voicemail service.
  6. Once you've created your account, you'll be prompted to set up your first campaign. If you're not quite ready for that yet, you may close this modal and come back to the Campaigns tab to create your first campaign later.
  7. Ensure that everything in your Account Settings look accurate.
  8. Confirm the time zone you’re in (this will ensure all your dashboard times are accurate).
  9. Add as many users as will need access with their contact information--mobile numbers will be used for Prospect relay.
  10. Set each user’s role (master admin and admin will have full access, staff will only have access to campaigns your list them under but once they have access will be able to send texts, and junior staff can also be restricted to only see specific campaigns and will only ever be able to view).
  11. Go to your template manager and add your initial templates (create 10 to 15 to start and always create more as you can) and quick replies (these will allow you to go through your incoming messages as quickly and efficiently as possible). 
  12. Link your Zapier Webhooks for pushing leads to your CRM.
  13. Create your first skip trace if needed OR create your first campaign and upload already-skipped data if you have it.

To see how we do it in more detail, watch this YouTube video.