This article will provide a brief walkthrough of your Campaign Metrics. Once you've sent some messages on your Campaign, you can start tracking and analyzing its performance via the Metrics tab. This will provide you with an overview and breakdown of the stats of your campaign, allowing you to identify opportunities for improvement via live feedback on your data.

Metrics & Stats

The Metrics for your Campaign provide you feedback based on the following four categories:

1. Campaign Metrics: Overall stats for the campaign.
  • List Health: Determined by your list's overall rating based on the Campaigns Delivery Rate score. If your delivery rates are consistently reflected as green, the Health Ranking will reflect as 'Good'. If your delivery rates are consistently reflected as yellow or red the Health Ranking will reflect as 'Moderate' or 'Poor'.
  • List Quality Score: Determined by the usage of the 'Verified owner' function. Each instance in which you designate a prospect as 'Verified' will result in an increase of this rating. A low rating for this stat is often resultant of poor data quality and/or unverified owners.
  • SMS Sent: Determined by the amount of outgoing SMS sent from your Campaign. This stat will encompass your total messages sent. 
    • Skipped messages will not be factored into the total value
  • Delivery Rate: Determined by the success rate of your SMS being delivered to its intended recipient. Low delivery rates may be indicative of one or several points of advised sending practices not being fulfilled. In which case, you can reference Messaging Best Practices & Delivery Rates for additional assistance.
  • Response Rate & Total Response: Determined by the number of prospects that are replying to your outgoing SMS. 
  • New Leads: Determined by the number of new leads generated from outgoing SMS.
  • Total Prospects: Determined by the number of prospects that have been 'Pushed to Campaign' or incorporated into the Campaign via the "Add Prospects" button.

2. Message Stats: Determined by the results of outgoing SMS. Qualified Leads and Wrong Number stats will be calculated based on how many prospects have been manually marked. Skipped and Undeliverable stats will be automatically marked and updated by the system. Auto Dead Rate and Auto Dead will be updated in accordance with their applied settings within Campaign Settings. For additional context on Campaign Settings, please refer to Company Page.

3. Import Stats: Determined by the list/data that has been "Pushed to Campaign" or incorporated via "Add Prospects"
  • Individual stats within this category can be exported/downloaded

4. Batch Stats: Provides an overview of your outgoing SMS performance. Each 'Batch' contains 100 messages.
  • You can click on the yellow magnifying glass below the 'Skipped' column to analyze how your skipped messages are being distributed

*Lead Sherpa Tip: Export your .csv file to identify who you were not able to reach. Use this data for cold calling or attempting to connect with other methods.
To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.