Once you’ve sent some messages, you can start analyzing your campaign stats to see the quality of your data and messages. Simply access the Metrics tab in the Campaign. Stats are categorized by "Campaign Metrics," “Message Stats,” “Import Stats” and "Batch Stats."

  • Campaign Metrics: Stats for the overall campaign pertaining to total prospects in the campaign, messages sent and received, and quality of data.
  • Message Stats: Daily send limit for the market and how many remain for that day, how many messages have been skipped in the entire campaign, how many were undeliverable, and both a count and percentage for messages flagged as Auto-Dead.
  • Import Stats: Prospects broken down by phone numbers. The Phone Numbers doc will include all phone types, you may also export phone-type specific lists for mobile, landline, or other. Also available are the lists for litigators and DNC. All of these are downloadable CSVs.
  • Batch Stats: Although you send messages one by one, the message stats are grouped by 100 messages sent. This way, you can track your response rate, delivery rate, and skips in groups of 100. The date stamp on the batch reflects the date and time of the last message sent.
  • Reponse rates should normally be between 25-35% on a first contact campaign. When creating follow-ups, this is expected to drop, possibly even into single digits.
  • Delivery rates should be 85%+ at all times. Keep a close eye on this and make sure to follow best practice (use as many numbers as possible, and make edits to your templates regularly). The delivery rate doesn't include the skips. Repetition is not your friend!

Tip: Download your CSV to identify who you were not able to reach. Use this data for cold calling or attempting to connect with other methods.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.