Once you’ve sent some batches of messages, you can start analyzing your campaign stats to see the quality of your data and messages. Simply scroll down to the “Campaign Stats” section under the campaign. Stats are categorized by “Lead Stats,” “Messages Delivered,” “Campaign Costs,” “Response Stats,” and “Import Stats”

  • Lead Stats: Total of qualified leads per campaign and cost per lead (campaign cost divided by qualified leads).
  • Messages Delivered: Number of SMSs delivered, if any were skipped (litigator list, etc.), amount of undelivered messages and the daily send limit/remaining.
  • Campaign Costs: An overview of any costs associated with this campaign.
  • Response Stats: SMS response rate, percentage and number of Auto-Deads.
  • Import Stats: Total number of how many prospects uploaded, Total phone numbers (downloadable data), as well as the phone numbers categorized by mobile, landline, other phone (each downloadable), litigators removed (downloadable), number of prospects on the DNC list that have been skipped, and your list quality score (this score will change as you verify owners in the campaign inbox and Auto-Deads).

Tip: You can use these downloadable lists for cold calling prospects who haven’t replied to SMS.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.