After sending a few batches you can start to compare data and, if sending messages in groups of 100 (as we suggest), you can easily detect at what point something starts to not work. Here’s some insight into what your batch data should look like, and when to look into what might be affecting your data:

  • Response rates are normally 25% to 45% for an original campaign (these rates will probably cut in half for a follow-up campaign).
  • If your response rates are in the single digits for three or four batches in a row, that’s something to look at (could be an issue with the list or the number you’re using may have been flagged).
  • The “attempts” number simply signifies how many messages were sent in the batch.
  • Delivered percentages of 85% or better are ideal (this number can be affected by carrier issues, repetitive messages, handset error).
  • Skipped numbers are typically low (from litigators list, DNC list, etc.).

If you don’t see high delivery rates in consecutive batches, check your data, check the outgoing messages you’re using, check any errors, then let us know if you can’t figure it out.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.