Our Dashboard feature gives you an overview of your team’s productivity and campaign performace.

Daily Send Limit

- The amount of messages you are able to send in one day. Daily send limit is based on a calculation of 99 messages/number/day. If you need a higher daily send limit, you may add more numbers to your Number Manager.

Campaign Performance

See which campaigns are your highest or lowest performing in the last 30 days.

Campaign Comparison

Select two campaigns at a time to compare stats. Hover over the bars to see the number for the stat.

Leader Board

Filter by the date range you need to see user performance.

- Aim for 10 minutes or less for response times. You may change working hours for each user in the Account Settings page so that average response is accurate to the hours they are working.

Call Log

All calls that flow in and out of Sherpa will be reflected in the call log.

- You may turn on call recording for prospect relay calls in your Account Settings page. Downloads will be found in the Call Log once enabled.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.