This article will provide you with a walkthrough of our Dashboard feature, which provides users with an overview of their team’s productivity and campaign performance. 

Daily Send Limit: provides details pertaining to the amount of messages you are able to send daily from your account. The limit is based on a calculation of 79 messages/number/day. To increase your Daily Send Limit, purchase more numbers via Number Manager -> Add new Numbers.

Campaign Performance: provides active feedback on your highest or lowest performing campaigns within the last 30 days.

Campaign Comparison: provides the option to contrast two campaigns to compare stats. Additional information pertaining to the provided metrics may be referenced by hovering over the stat.

Leader Board: provides filter capabilities via the date range selection. Working hours for each user may be edited within Account Settings to allow average response time to accurately reflect in accordance with business hours.

  • The "Leads Created" column is the number of prospects the user has marked "Qualified" on the prospect's page.

Call Log: provides a historical log of inbound and outbound calls within Lead Sherpa. Call Recording may be enabled for prospect relay calls via Account Settings. Downloads can be located within the Call Log once enabled.

For additional context on this topic, please refer to the video below.