Have you noticed a low delivery rate? Are you hitting your daily send limit for outgoing messages?

Utilizing the Number Manager feature will allow you to monitor, purchase and release phone numbers for your account. Owning more phone numbers will lower the chance of phone carriers flagging your numbers as SPAM.

You have a daily send limit of 99 messages per number per day, so the more numbers you add, the more outgoing messages you can send.

Here’s how to check number statuses and release phone numbers:

  1. Go to the “Number Manager” tab.
  2. In the list of numbers, there is a column for “Status” (Good, Moderate, Poor, Cooldown, Inactive, Released).
  3. If your delivery rate has been low, you may want to release some poor phone numbers and replace with new ones.
  4. Before releasing a number, "inactivate" it. This will allow you to continue and wrap up your existing conversations associated with that number, but won't initiate any new conversations using it.
  5. Once it has been some time since you last used the number, you can “release” the number--a warning will appear. Remember, you won’t be able to use these numbers anymore. We recommend waiting at least a week from the last time the number shows any activity in the received column.
  6. If you are ready to release your number, click “Release Number.”

Here’s how to purchase new phone numbers and, in turn, up your daily send limit:

  1. Click “New Phone Number.”
  2. Select Market.
  3. Select Quantity.
    1. 5 numbers x $1 each = $5/mo
    2. 10 numbers x $1 each = $10/mo
    3. 20 numbers x $1 each = $20/mo
  4. Click “Check Availability.”
  5. If you agree with total, click “Purchase.”
  6. Moments later these should appear at the top of your number list.

Tip: You can drop numbers from your account and replace them with new numbers in order to stay within your budget, or you may add more numbers to your list for a more robust outgoing number setting.

Important: Before releasing a poor phone number, look at the last time the number was used to send/receive messages. Once you release a phone number, you will never be able to use that number again.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.