This article will provide a how-to guide for navigating through your subscription pause or cancellation process with Lead Sherpa.

Options & Additional Details 

If Lead Sherpa is not what you need at this time, you can pause or cancel your Lead Sherpa subscription: 

  • Pausing your account will keep your database intact and your numbers active for $1/month per active number ($30 minimum) 
  • Canceling your account means your data will be permanently deleted

Before you cancel or pause your Lead Sherpa subscription, consider the following options by reaching out to

  • Account takeover - We’ll take over one of your campaigns for an afternoon and provide active feedback on steps taken to improve its performance
  • Downgrade subscription plan - Our Support Staff can help you downgrade to a plan that better fits your needs and budget

Pausing or Canceling Your Account

  1. Click on Account Settings -> Billing Information -> Modify Subscription
  2. Complete the form (you will be able to select your pause or cancel option here):
    • Pause Account -  Select “I would just like to pause and return sometime later” -> Next -> and confirm your pause selection on the next page
    • Cancel Account - Select a cancellation reason and follow prompts to complete the form
  3. Once you submit the form, your request will be scheduled to become effective on your next billing cycle.

Note: By requesting the subscription cancellation you confirm that you understand that all of your data stored within Lead Sherpa will be permanently deleted after your current billing cycle ends.