One of the most important--yet most overlooked--features of the Lead Sherpa is the "verify owner" button.

Here's what you need to know to understand why it is so important:

The system creates a prospect for every phone number uploaded into the system. Each number is stacked and queued up for messaging.

If you have a list of 10 prospects with 3 phone numbers each, the system would create 30 prospects. The 10 phone numbers in column 1 are contacted first, then it moves on to column 2, then column 3.

Here's where the importance of verifying the owner comes in: When you verify an owner, the other numbers associated with that property are deactivated because you've told the system you've found the owner. This helps to avoid contacting multiple people in the same family with the same message. It also saves you time by eliminating the need to contact non-owners. If you're not verifying the owner, you will contact every phone number on your list.

Be diligent about verifying addresses. Otherwise, you will be called out as being a bot or SPAM by one or both of the property owners you contact. Verifying the address assures that you are only talking to one person associated with the property.

It is crucial that everyone understands:

1. Verifying the owner kills all other phone numbers associated with that address so you don't send the same message to the owner's wife or son.

2. List quality score is derived from verified owners - you can't tell how good your data is without using this feature

3. When you export, we include a verified owner column - that way you KNOW the person owns the property when you pick up the phone to call, RVM or voice blast.

You're touching every single lead anyway, verifying the owner takes no time at all and the benefits are huge.

There are a lot of ways that you can tell you've reached the owner, whether or not they are forward about it. Some example replies that would trigger a manual press of the verify owner button are:

"Not interested"
"Already sold"
"What's your offer?"
"Yes you have the right person"
"I'll never sell, leave me alone"
"I want one million dollars"
"F*** off, not for sale"