In your accounts Number Manager, you'll see the option to "Deactivate" or "Release" each number. 

When a number is released, it will reflect a status of "Released", and the line of communication between you and all prospects assigned to that number is removed. This is a permanent action, as this number no longer belongs to you and returns to the carrier's possession. If someone replies to a released number, you won't receive the message.



When a number is deactivated, it will reflect a status of  "Inactive" and is removed from the pool of active numbers used to send messages. This will still allow you to receive messages from people who you are already in conversation with and respond to them with that number.  

  • For deactivated numbers, monitor their "Last Send" date and when enough time has passed, release the number to remove it from your billing.

For additional context on this topic, please refer to the video below.