Integrating LeadSherpa with Twilio allows users to purchase Twilio numbers and see instant benefits as soon as their numbers are synced up with their account. These benefits include:

  • Toggle opt-out Language On/Off. 
  • Write your own opt-out language 
  • No Verizon/carrier block
  • In complete control of your own phone numbers and their reputation

    1. What does it cost?
- Twilio numbers are $1/mo (a minimum of 20 numbers are required to send messages in Sherpa)
- Each outgoing and incoming message is 0.0075 cents

    2. Do I get a discount with Sherpa?
Yes! Once you have fully integrated your account with Twilio only (no more Lead Sherpa numbers on your account), you will qualify for the following discounts. On the core, pro, and enterprise plans, we're offering 5,000 additional uploads per month ($250 value) in addition to the following discounts:
Starter - 5,000 upload limit, $50 discount
Core - 15,000 upload limit, $100 discount
Pro - 35,000 upload limit, $200 discount

To receive this discount, simply write into and let us know you're fully integrated, and we'll take care of the rest!

    3. Do I still keep my current Sherpa numbers?
Yes - we'll continue to host your current Sherpa numbers and you may continue to add new Sherpa numbers to your markets, should you decide to do so.

    4. What if I send in more than one market?
As of right now, all of the Twilio numbers in your account will be grouped and used in rotation together. We are adding a feature that will allow you to separate them into groups (markets) and use them separately in campaigns as you do with your current Sherpa numbers. However, if you currently have a mix of area codes in your Twilio account, you will need to deactivate the numbers (in your Sherpa Number Manager Twilio tab) that you don't want to use at that time until the new feature is released.

You may also continue to use your current Sherpa numbers in some campaigns, and use Twilios in others.

    5. Are there any limits to Sherpa features?
Prospect Relay is not available with Twilio at this time. Call forwarding and the Call Prospect button function well.

    6. Can I recontact my Verizon skips?
Yes, simply create a follow-up campaign and select "Carrier" under the Skip Reason drop-down. This will pull all of your Verizon skips into a new campaign. Assign your Twilio market to the follow-up campaign and contact your skips. To help in creating a follow-up campaign, follow this article Creating Follow Up Campaigns

    7. Can I check how much Twilio may cost my company?

Of course! We've created a handy ROI Calculator that you can find below! To use this, please download a copy to your desktop and make any edits within the downloaded copy.

Fill out the orange fields with the pertinent information for you/your company and the calculator will do the rest. Please note that this is an estimate based on general averages and the estimation of replies.

If you're looking to get started, write into the support team and read this article How to Create and Integrate Twilio into Sherpa