Creating and setting up a Twilio account is simple and straightforward. Follow the guide below to get started:

1. Go to
2. Fill in your information and confirm your email
3. Click "All Products & Services" (Circle icon under the home icon on the left side)
4. Click Phone Numbers
5. Click Buy A Number
6. Enter the area code you want and buy a number
7. Repeat 3-6 until you have at least 20 numbers in a market
8. Integrate with Sherpa by taking your SID and TOKEN from Dashboard and entering into your "Manage App Integrations" page (Follow the steps in our youtube video). You'll need to let me know you'd like to use the integration so I can give you access!
9. Assign the Twilio market to your campaign
10. If you add new or release existing numbers in your Twilio account, click "Sync Twilio Updates" in your number manager to show the changes in your Sherpa account.

I already have a Twilio account, how do I integrate with Sherpa?
  1. Go to Account Settings and head to "Manage App Integrations." You should see the following screen:
    If you do not see this, reach out to for access to be added to your account

  2. Enter both your Twilio SID & TOKEN into the page. These numbers come from your Twilio Dashboard, near the middle of the page. Once they have been entered, click the blue "Integrate" button near the bottom right hand corner. When it is done successfully, you will get a message in the middle of your LeadSherpa page letting you know the integration was successful. (It will also let you know if it is unsuccessful. Should this be the case, re-enter your SID & TOKEN and try again)
  3. To double-check, head to your "Number Manager," select the "Twilio Numbers" and you will see all of your Twilio numbers as "active" in your account.

    NOTE: These are not grouped by market as of yet, but we are working on a solution to that. To only use number's in a given market, temporarily "deactivate" the numbers you do not want to use by clicking on the three vertical circles to the right. This will skip these numbers from being used in rotation.

  4. To use your Twilio numbers in a campaign, you will select "Twilio" under markets. You can do this when creating a new campaign, or edit an old campaign and change the market to "Twilio." Your Twilio numbers will now be used in lieu of your Lead Sherpa numbers.

    5. When you buy new numbers with your Twilio account or make any other changes to your account, finalize them in LeadSherpa by heading to your "Number Manager" and hit "Sync Twilio Updates" in the top-right corner