To create a Direct Mail Campaign, simply follow these steps!

1. Head to the "Campaigns" tab on the lefthand side of the screen
2. In the top-right, click "Create Campaign" and select "Direct Mail Campaign" from the dropdown.
3. You can "Import & Upload" your list from the following screen
4. Name your campaign and "Create Campaign"

5. Select the budget for your order (Price per postcard is currently $.44/piece)

6. Under "Additional Settings," you can also connect the owner, what others users have access to the campaign, the Podio Push email address, as well as a Zapier webhook.
7. Select your template. You can view the template design by selecting the icon to the left of the dropdown arrow.

8. Fill out all the pertinent information correctly and make sure to test the "Tracking Phone Number," as this will be the number that allows you to track your postcards
9. You will see a final price on the next page, which must be approved before paying. (Payments will be authorized 72 hours before the drop)
10. After payment, you will see a breakdown of expected shipping dates