This article will provide a walkthrough on how to locate your prospect messages and replies within Lead Sherpa.

You can locate your unread messages via navigating over to the following features:

  1. The specific campaign that the prospect is associated with, under "Prospects & Messages". The conversation will be contained within the specific Lead Stage drop-down option pertaining to the prospect.
  2. The "New Messages" tab. This will display all of your unread messages across all campaigns, both active and archived. You'll also find a drop-down menu here to view campaign-specific messages.
  3. Searching for the prospect profile via PropStack -> Search.

How to Navigate Through Your Unread Messages

  1. Access your unread messages via "New Messages" on your side navigation bar, or "Prospects & Messages" within a campaign. Click on any unread responses (indicated by a red dot on the prospect card).

  2. Respond to your unread messages via "Quick Reply" or direct message (typing). If you've typed in a reply that you expect to utilize again, you can save it as a Quick Reply.
  3. If the response indicates that they’re the owner of the property, click Verified” (this is important for lead management).
    • This action will designate the contact as the owner of the property and deactivate the other numbers in the queue associated with the property.
  4. If the response is hostile and you do not wish to contact the recipient in the future, click “DNC” (this action is permanent and will ensure that the prospect is not messaged in any future campaigns).
  5. If the response indicates that the prospect is not interested at the moment, but might be receptive to future contact, you can add them to Lead Stages such as "Follow-Up", "Cold", or create a custom lead stage for them.
  6. If the response shows interest, but you're not ready to push them to CRM, click "Priority " (this action will keep them in your default "Unread/Is Priority" view within the campaign.
  7. Use the Qualified button to identify leads in the campaign. Everyone has different requirements for qualifying someone as a lead, so use this at your own discretion and "Push to CRM" when appropriate.

  8. If the response provides another number for the owner, click "Duplicate” and add the new contact number to the system.
  9. Guide the conversation as you see fit (we typically ask 2-3 qualifying questions, and once our boxes are checked we will mark them as qualified and push them to CRM to manage).
  10. Move on to the next message once you’ve replied by clicking “Next”.

Lead Sherpa Tip: there are other actions you can take by accessing the "Prospect Pop-Out" (three vertical dots). This will provide the following: 

  • View the street view image of the property
  • Call Prospect
  • Zillow Property Link
  • Apply Tags
  • Connect a Prospect Relay
  • Add a Reminder
  • CRM Options


Note: there are five actions that will mark a message as read:

  1. Clicking Mark as Read
  2. Clicking the most recent unread message in the thread
  3. Replying to the prospect
  4. Clicking DNC
  5. Clicking Wrong Number

For additional information on this topic, please refer to the video below.