If you have new messages, they will be in your "unread" filter with a blue chat bubble.

Follow these steps to work through them:

  1. In your campaign, go to the Unread filter of your Prospect Inbox.
  2. Click on a prospect conversation.
  3. A blue message signifies an unread message (when you click on the message it will be marked as read).
  4. For your response, you can click the quick reply button and select an appropriate response or you can type one in.
  5. Regardless of how they reply, if their response tells you they’re the owner of the property, click “verify owner.” Do this diligently--it is very important for lead management.
  6. If the response is negative and you know you don’t want to speak to them again, click the “Do Not Call” button (this is permanent and will ensure they’re not added to any future campaigns).
  7. Click “Qualify Lead” and push to CRM when appropriate.
  8. If they give another number for the owner, click “clone prospect,” put new phone number in (the system will check if it already exists), and you will be prompted to message the new number.
  9. Guide the conversation as you see fit, and move on to the next message once you’ve replied by clicking “Next.”

Remember, texts are unlimited, don’t be shy!

Tip: Using the quick replies will allow you to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tip: Has someone given you a price for their property? To the right of the messaging, click on the address to verify the estimated price in Zillow.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.