There are two places where you can find your unread messages. 1) In your campaign, under the Prospects & Messages tab, or 2) in your All Unread tab.

Your All Unread tab will show all of your unread messages across all campaigns, both active and archived. You'll also find a drop-down menu here to view campaign-specific messages.

Unread messages will always have a red dot on the prospect card.

Follow these steps to work through them:

  1. Access your unread messages in either the All Unread tab or Prospects & Messages tab in the campaign.
  2. Click on a prospect that has a red unread dot.
  3. For your response, you can click the quick reply button and select an appropriate response or you can type one in.
  4. Should you type in a reply that you expect to use again, you have the option to save that as a quick reply.
  5. Regardless of how they reply, if their response tells you they’re the owner of the property, click “verify owner.” Do this diligently--it is very important for lead management.
  6. If the response is hostile and you know you never want to speak to them again, click the “Do Not Call” button (this is permanent and will ensure they’re not messaged in any future campaigns).
  7. If they are only not interested at the moment, but you may want to recontact them again in the future, you may use the Cold lead stage, or create your own custom lead stage for this type of prospect.
  8. Use the priority flag if the prospect has shown interest but you're not quite ready to push to CRM. This will keep them in your defaul Unread/Is priority view in the campaign so that you don't lose track of them.
  9. Use the “Qualifed” button to identify leads in the campaign. Everyone has different requirements for qualifying someone as a lead, so use this to your own discretion. Push to CRM when appropriate.
  10. There are other actions you can take by accessing the Prospect Pop-Out using the three black dots to the right of the Mark as Read button. Here, you can view the street view image of the property, Call the prospect direct from Sherpa, link to Zillow, apply tags, connect Prospect Relay, add a reminder, and push to your CRM.
  11. If they give another number for the owner, click "Duplicate,” put new phone number in (the system will check if it already exists), and you will be prompted to message the new number.
  12. Guide the conversation as you see fit (we typically ask 2-3 qualifying questions, and once our boxes are checked we will mark as qualified and push to CRM to manage from there on out)
  13. Move on to the next message once you’ve replied by clicking “Next.” 

Note: There are five actions that will mark a message as read: 1) Click Mark as Read 2) Click the most recent unread message in the thread 3) Reply to the prospect 4) Click DNC 5) Click Wrong Number

Once messages are marked as read, you can access those conversations again by going to specific lead stages in the drop-down menu in the Prospects & Messages tab of the campaign or by finding them through the Prospect Search tab.

Tip: Using the quick replies will allow you to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tip: Has someone given you a price for their property? To the right of the messaging, click on the address to verify the estimated price in Zillow.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.