Our Prospect Relay feature will allow you to connect all communication with a designated prospect to your personal mobile device. Each message will be received by your mobile device's SMS software. You'll also have the capability to send outgoing messages and calls from your device while masking your number with the assigned Lead Sherpa number.

To connect your Prospect Relay:

  1. Go to the Prospect Page of the lead and click "Qualified".
  2. Access the pop-out menu and click "Relay".
  3. Select the user you want the lead to go to (the numbers from the User Settings of your Account Settings page will be utilized for this). 
    • The selected user will receive a text to their phone with the number to continue the conversation
    • The lead will see the same Lead Sherpa number that was last used


  • Each user possesses a maximum of 100 relay connections. When a lead becomes inactive/cold, you can remove it from a user's relay profile via Account Settings -> Prospect Relay Settings -> Prospect Relay.

For additional information pertaining to the topic, please refer to the video below.