Have a hot-lead conversation where you don't want to miss a beat?

Prospect Relay will connect all communication with the connected prospect to your personal mobile device. You'll receive every message to your normal SMS software of your phone and be able to send messages and place calls out to them from your device while masking your number with the Sherpa number they've been seeing the whole time.

Here's how to connect:

  1. Go to prospect page of lead
  2. Hit Qualified
  3. Access pop-out and scroll down to Relay
  4. Select the user you want the lead to go to (the numbers from the User settings in the Account Settings page will be used)
  5. The selected user will receive a text to their phone with the number to continue the conversation
  6. The number the text comes from can also be called to relay it back to the prospect number
  7. Start texting and calling from your personal device using the Sherpa number they've been seeing the whole time!

Each user can have a maximum of 100 relay connections, so when the lead becomes inactive/goes cold, remove it from the relay system in the Account Settings page to allow new connections.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.