Follow these steps to build your Lead Sherpa to CRM Zap!

Keep in mind: Everyone's CRM and workspace settings may vary, so steps may be slightly different for you.

*If you have Podio, we recommend using our native integration: Integrate Lead Sherpa with Podio.

First, start zap and connect your Lead Sherpa account:

  1. Follow this link
  2. Click "Accept Invite and Build a Zap!"
  3. Click “Make a Zap”
  4. Search for “Sherpa”
  5. Select trigger: "New Lead"
  6. Continue
  7. Sign in to Lead Sherpa
  8. Continue
  9. Name the zap as you want to see it in your Lead Sherpa account
  10. Test and continue

Next, connect your CRM workspace:

  1. Choose your CRM
  2. Choose action event: "Create Item"
  3. Continue
  4. Select or sign in to your CRM account
  5. Select Workspace
  6. Continue
  7. Select your Organization
  8. Select Workspace
  9. Select Application (typically lead gen or seller leads)
  10. Select CRM Lead Stage
  11. Next action: "Call New Lead"

Now that you've connected to the right app you will connect at least your required fields and additional data you'd like to include. Click on the icon to the right side of the field to pull up your option selection:

  1. Property Address
  2. Owner name (can select first name and last name separately)
  3. Property Phone
  4. Email
  5. Mailing Address (street, city, state, zip, separately)
  6. Property Notes (select [notes] to pull the "notes" section from Lead Sherpa). Also include in notes: [prospect link], [sherpa conversation link], [lead stage], and [campaign name]

       7. Any other fields you require in Podio, like Podio campaign, etc.

Once you complete your data selection you can complete your zap.

  1. Continue
  2. Send a test
  3. Turn Zap on
  4. Name your Zap.

To complete your setup:

  1. Go to Lead Sherpa
  2. You should see your new Zap in your Account Settings page
  3. Go to a Campaign
  4. Select Campaign Settings
  5. Select Zap from the dropdown
  6. Find a prospect you'd like to push
  7. Qualify Lead
  8. Push to Zapier
  9. Find lead in CRM!

Note: You can set a default zap in your Account Settings page. Just use the three dots on the Zap you would like to use most often and set it as default. The specified Zap will always be used when creating new campaigns.

Watch us set up a Zap firsthand below: