Your downloadable Skip Trace file appears different than the one you uploaded. Here are some points to help you understand the file you get back and what you should do with it.

Your file will have the following columns in this order:

  • Full, first, and last name.
  • Mail address/city/state/ZIP.
  • Property address/city/state/ZIP.
  • Three custom columns—you can upload information in these columns prior to skip trace that will transfer through to the final file.
  • Validated mail address/city/state/ZIP—We run your data through a validator. If you’re going to mail the entire list, use this list.
  • Vacant flag—your low-hanging fruit. The accuracy depends on the market, but comes from USPS designation.
  • Three columns of phone numbers with phone type (landline, mobile, VOIP) and dates last seen—Phone 1 is your most accurate phone number. If uploading to Sherpa, keep all types of phone lines in case the system has incorrectly categorized a mobile as a landline.
  • Two emails with dates last seen.
  • IP Address—use this for online marketing.
  • Golden Address/city/state/ZIP—This is one of the most unique parts of our Skip Trace tool. This is the most updated mailing address the system can find. No other investors will have this. If you’re mailing, use these addresses.
  • Approximate age
  • Deceased flag—date of death.
  • Bankruptcy flag—date they declared bankruptcy.
  • Relative information—two different relatives with three phone numbers each.
  • Foreclosure, Lien, and Judgements flags
  • Litigator Flag—True value signifies a litigator
  • Record Status—whether or not this prospect already exists in your account. You’re not charged for existing prospects.

There is no other skip trace system that even comes close to providing this much value.

Tip: If you push the file directly to a campaign, Sherpa will automatically clean up the file for you for upload.

Please note: Users of the skip trace tool will be charged for all record searches that return any type of data - this may include but is not limited to: phone numbers, address updates, email addresses, age, deceased flag, bankruptcy flag, foreclosure, lien, and judgement flags, and relative's information. Price per hit is $0.15. All skip tracing fees are non-refundable, without exception.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.