This article will provide you with a how-to guide on setting up your Call Forwarding Number on both the campaign and market levels.

Market-Level Call Forwarding Number - this will be the default call-forwarding number with your chosen market for your SMS campaigns.

Campaign-Level Call Forwarding Number - allows you to set a different call-forwarding number for a specific SMS campaign you have chosen.

How to set up your accounts Master Market Call-Forwarding Number:

  1. Click on Account Settings -> Account Info & Settings -> SMS Integration -> Markets.

  2. Select a market to add/edit its specific call-forwarding number (all campaign callbacks under the given market will be forwarded to this number unless a different number is specified within the campaign settings).

How to set up a specific Campaign-Level Call-Forwarding Number:

  1. Click on Campaign -> Edit Campaign (this will edit the selected campaigns settings).

  2. Override the market call-forwarding number with a specific number for this campaign.

  3. Once you've reviewed your changes, click "Save Changes" to finalize them.

Note: You can have callbacks forwarded to any phone number: Voicemail, Google Voice Number, Landline, etc.