Having trouble processing a Skip Trace file? Is the Sherpa system not letting you advance to process the Skip Trace? Has your Skip Trace file come back with low hits? Whether it's a white screen that doesn't seem to be advancing, a button that isn't clickable, or low hit scores, most skip tracing issues come down to either the file format or data mapping. Here's what to look at:

Make sure you’ve cleaned up your data before uploading to Skip Trace following these simple guidelines: 

  • Make sure the file has no more than 20 columns of data.
  • Must include name—first and last name in separate columns.
  • Must include property address, city/state/ZIP, separated into columns.
  • Include mailing address, city/state/ZIP, separated into columns.

You may upload a property-address only skip trace, though the best results will come from a complete set of data. Should you be uploading property addresses only, delete all other columns, headers included. Include property address, city, state, zip only.

Once you’ve uploaded your file, if the system isn’t letting you click “Next” to process your Skip Trace, make sure you’ve mapped your data correctly. You must map every single column. Make sure you do so accurately for best results. Once all columns are mapped, the “Next” button should be clickable.

  • Keep in mind the addresses must be separated by city/state/ZIP—if they’re appearing in separate cells, but also again in one altogether, map that cell as “skip.”

**Remember: The skip trace fee is nonrefundable—if you map incorrectly, we can’t refund you because we’ve already been charged. However, you are only charged for data returned, so if you have a low hit rate, you can reskip the no-hits with proper mapping.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.