Q: How Do I Export My Data?

A: Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a few different spots to export your data.

Looking for a list of prospects across different campaigns, but all in the same lead stage (the “follow-up” stage, for example), tag, or status?

  1. Go to the “Prospect Search” tab.
  2. Filter depending on the lead type you want.
  3. Click “Export CSV.”

Tip: In this same section, if it’s a specific prospect you’re searching for, just type their information in the search bar.

Looking for a specific list within a specific campaign all within one lead stage?

  1. Go to the campaign.
  2. Go to the Prospect section.
  3. Select the lead stage from the drop down.
  4. Let it load.
  5. Click export

Looking for the entire campaign list, a file with specific phone numbers types (landlines for cold calling), or the litigators removed?

  1. Go to the campaign.
  2. Scroll down to “Campaign Stats.”
  3. Look under “Import Stats.”
  4. Find the list you’d like, and click the download icon.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.