Premium Skip Trace Features:

• Automated processing - lists returned in real-time!
• In-line LLC, trust and entity batch skip trace: Get hits on virtually every property
• Only charged for hits - you pay only if we return data back to you
• HIGH hit rates - Averaging 97%+ across millions of records every month
• Automated file de-duplication + Suppress records against existing data:
- Keep your records always updated! If your record is older than the selected time (up to 24 months), the system will check it to make sure the data is still accurate!

• Free litigator scrub on every search - check each phone number for litigious prospects
• Search by property address only - free append of owner name and mailing address

• 25 record minimum for batch search - lowest in the industry

• Single search Skip Trace also available

Data Returned:

  1. Up to 3 phone numbers for primary search
  2. Up to 2 relatives with up to 3 phone numbers each
  3. Up to 2 emails
  4. Prospect Age
  5. Property owner Golden Address - mail or door knock the updated owner address that no other investors have
  6. Property owner validated USPS deliverable mailing address
  7. Property owner IP address
  8. Vacant property flag
  9. Bankruptcy flag and date
  10. Deceased flag and date
  11. Foreclosure flag and date
  12. Liens flag and date
  13. Judgments flag and date
  14. Litigator flag


  • Lead Sherpa's Skip Trace feature has a minimum record requirement of only 25 prospects.
  • The minimum skip trace fee is $2, as long as there's one hit returned.
  • Users of the Skip Trace tool will be charged for all record searches that return any type of data - this may include but is not limited to: phone numbers, address updates, email addresses, IP address, age, deceased flag, bankruptcy flag, vacancy flag, foreclosure, lien, or judgment dates, and relative's information. Price per hit is $0.15.
  • If a record returns just one piece of data or all, this will count as one hit ($0.15).
  • Single Skip Trace is available - upload credits (each credit is worth $0.25), and each search will use one credit. If the search does not return data, your credit will not be charged.
  • All skip tracing fees are non-refundable, without exception.

*Lead Sherpa does not scrub Skip Traced lists against the National DNC.  If you push your list to a Lead Sherpa SMS Campaign, the system will scrub any litigators known to the Lead Sherpa system.  Since you are not selling a service or product, the National DNC does not apply.

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