Maximize Your Opportunities with High-Quality Data


  • Multiple owners per property look-up

  • Multiple contact points per owner found

  • Automated processing - lists processed and available for download as soon as they are complete. 

  • Process multiple files at once

  • Export data rows by property or contact

  •  Integrated LLC, trust, and entity batch skip trace: Get hits on virtually every property

  • Only charged for hits - you pay only if we return data back to you

  • HIGH hit rates - Averaging 97%+ across millions of records every month

  • Automated file de-duplication + Suppress new look-ups against existing data:

  • Need all of your properties updated?  Update all results at your discretion!

  •  Free litigator scrub on every search - check each phone number for litigious prospects
     Search by property address only - free append of owner name and mailing address

  •  Single, Form-based property lookup is also available. 

  • New high-performance public API - Contact

Data Returned

  1. Up to 3 business and/or person (entity) owners per property lookup, each with:
    1. Up to 3 non-owner associated persons (e.g. non-owner relatives), each with:

      1. Up to 3 non-owner associated person phone numbers

  1. Entity Golden Address

  2. USPS or Internationally Compliant Verified Mailing Address

  3. Up to 3 entity phone numbers

  4. Up to 2 entity email addresses

  5. Age

  6. Vacancy Flag

  7. Bankruptcy flag and date

  8. Deceased flag and date

  9. Foreclosure flag and date

  10. Liens flag and date

  11. Judgments flag and date

  12. Litigator flag


  • Skip Trace pricing ranges from $.09 to $.15, with lower tiered pricing available as follows:

    • Large single files ensure you get a benefit when you are just starting out

    • 13-week rolling average ensures you get a benefit for continued use of the system

    • COMING SOON: Subscriptions offer lower starting points for tiered pricing while still allowing volume to further reduce price

  • Users of the Skip Trace tool will be charged for all property lookups that return one or more of the following results:

    • Owner Phone Number

    • Owner Mailing Address

    • Owner Email

  • Please note that Lead Sherpa has a minimum charge amount of $10. For example, if you were to run a single skip trace, you would be charged $10, with the remaining balance of $9.85 being added to your account for use in all services we provide.  Account funds and credit reservations will only be charged when you incur an expense.  All billed expenses are non-refundable, without exception.  For further details and policy information, please see our Terms of Conditions.

*Lead Sherpa does not scrub Skip Traced lists against the National DNC.  If you push your list to a Lead Sherpa SMS Campaign, the system will scrub any litigators known to the Lead Sherpa system.  Since you are not selling a service or product, the National DNC does not apply.