Occasionally you may have the correct number for a prospect, but the wrong name. You can easily edit the name of the prospect by clicking the edit/pencil icon, found on the prospect pop-out.

More often you may receive a reply letting you know you have the wrong number, and the recipient of your message provides the correct number for the owner of the property.

It is not possible to modify a number within a prospect page, however you can follow these steps to duplicate a prospect with the correct number:

  1. Go to the prospect page that has given you the new number.
  2. Mark them as wrong number.
  3. Copy the new number.
  4. Click "Duplicate" to the prospect pop-out.
  5. The information will auto fill with the name and address.
  6. Paste in the new number.
  7. Click "Clone."

Once cloned, you'll be redirected to the new prospect page where you can message the correct person.

If you're confident that the new number is the owner of the property address, verify the owner to kill all other numbers associated with that address.

Note: If you get an error message letting you know this number already exists, you can cancel the cloning. You'll eventually get to the correct number as you work through your campaign.