In order to get the best hit rate from our Skip Trace tool, you'll need to separate your prospects first and last names into separate columns... but often times the list of data you've downloaded provides the first and last name is the same column. 

Here's how to easily split your text into separate columns in a matter of a few clicks:

1. Make sure there is an empty column directly to the right of the information you wish to split.

2. Click on the heading of the column containing your contacts' first and last names to highlight the column. 

3. Click Data > Text to Columns.  

4. Select Delimited and click Next. 

5. Check Space and uncheck Tab before clicking Next.

6. Click Finish.  

7. Click OK.

8. Your contacts' first and last names will be separated into two separate columns.

9. Take a moment to add a heading for the new column and then proceed to Skip Trace.

To see us do it, watch this YouTube video.