1. Click on “Register for 10DLC” on the pop-up screen

Note: If you have dismissed this screen prior to completing this step. You can access this through the Account Settings → Account Info & Settings page

2. Fill out the registration page

NOTE: All fields are required and your submission will be rejected if any fields are missing, or if the information does not match what the IRS has on file.

  1. Once you have clicked “Continue” you will see a confirmation page pop-up. If you get any kind of error message, contact support@leadsherpa.com for assistance.

4. Add Markets to your account

Markets are used to determine the outbound area code from which messages are sent. This does not give you any additional capacity (messages per day). This will only give you additional area codes to send from. 

5. Select the State and Area Code for your Market and click “Check Availability

If the area code is not available, you will be prompted to choose another one. If the area code is available, you will see a “Create Market” Button.

All subscriptions include 1 free Market. Each additional market is $100/month and billed immediately upon creation. Please verify your purchase prior to adding a Market. Markets are non-refundable


Please keep in mind that market provisioning may complete in as little as two hours but may take as long as two weeks.

6. When your Market is “healthy” it is ready to use. At that time additional capacity (Messages per Day) may be added to the Market. This can be found under Account Settings → Account Info & Settings then click “Add SMS capacity”

Each additional unit of SMS capacity costs $100 and will add 300 Messages per Day and 3,000 uploads per month. Please verify your purchase prior to adding CapacityCapacity is non-refundable