This article will provide an overview of the different types of Action Buttons available within a prospect profile, which will help you identify lead types according to the selections.

Verified (Verified Owner) - Designates the owner of the property and deactivates the other numbers that are still in the message queue that are associated with the property.

The system creates a prospect for every phone number uploaded into it. Each number is stacked and queued up for messaging. 

  • If you have a list of 10 prospects with 3 phone numbers assigned to each, this would correspond to the creation of 30 prospects. The 10 phone numbers in column 1 are contacted first, followed by columns 2, and 3.
  • This means you may receive a response from the actual owner, while still having remaining sends for other phone numbers associated with the property.

When you click the "Verified" button for an owner, the other numbers associated with that property are deactivated. This assists with reducing redundant messaging, which saves time. If owners are not being actively marked as "Verified", you will contact every phone number associated with the property. Verifying the owner helps avoid contacting persons who are not associated with the property (which can reduce the number of persons reporting the message as spam).

DNC (Do Not Call/Contact) - Permanently designates the prospect as "DNC" and adds them to your account's DNC List. Once you add a number to your DNC list, they will be scrubbed from every campaign post-action. 

  • Prospects displaying hostility should be added to your DNC. 
  • Prospects displaying a lack of interest can be assigned the Lead Stage of "Cold" or a Custom Lead Stage instead.

Priority Designates the conversations you want to keep an eye on. Priority prospects can be filtered in the prospect search tab. They are shown in the default view under a campaigns Prospects & Messages tab as well.

Qualified (Qualified Lead) - Designates that a prospect is to be factored into your Campaign "Leads" stat. This will help you track lead generation and which campaigns are performing well. You may also filter Qualified Leads via PropStack's search function and your campaign dropdown menu. 

  • There are no rules as to what you consider a Qualified Lead.

Wrong NumberDesignates the contact number as incorrect for the associated property. If this number is imported into another campaign, it will be auto-skipped. However, if this number is reimported with new prospect data (name and/or address) it will be queued up for messaging again.

For additional information pertaining to the topic, please refer to the video below.