This article encompasses a how-to guide for navigating through the Quick Reply feature, allowing you to easily and effectively respond to leads.  Use a Quick Reply if you find yourself repeating responses across prospect conversations, or if you would like to predetermine the replies your agents will use.

Navigating Through the Quick Reply Feature

  1. Click on SMS Template Manager -> Quick Replies -> New Quick Reply (this will allow you to create new Quick Reply templates).

  2. Within the Create Quick Reply box, create a new reply. Afterward, click "Submit" to finalize your new quick reply.

  3. To re-order your Quick Replies via order of preference, click and drag the templates to reconfigure their placements.

  4. To access your Quick Replies within the prospect conversation page, click on the "paper stack icon" shown below:
  5. To access the Quick Reply search function, click on the search bar within the pop-up window.

Lead Sherpa Tip: You can also save quick replies on the go! Type your reply in the text field of the conversation and hit "Save as Quick Reply" before sending.