This article will provide an overview of our Block Prospect feature that will allow you to report hostile prospects as pre-litigators.

If you've encountered a hostile prospect, you can report them as a pre-litigator via the usage of the "Block Prospect" button within their profile. This will forward the prospect and conversation thread to our team for review. If approved, the hostile prospect will be added to our system-wide DNC list, helping protect the Lead Sherpa community and SMS lead generation as a whole.

When a prospect is added to the Do Not Call (DNC) list they will be skipped in every future campaign. This function is permanent, so only utilize it for numbers that you know will never be contacted again. Please note that this action will only affect the specific phone number you've applied the DNC option to. For prospects that possess 2 or more phone numbers, the additional numbers will not be added to the DNC list.

For additional information pertaining to the topic, please refer to the video below.