List Stacking allows real estate investors to identify properties that are under the most distress and likely to sell.

Lead Sherpa's PropStack™ does the hard work for you. Upload your lists as you buy them and we'll layer the data so that no matter how many times you upload the same property address, the property record for it does not multiply. We gather the data from each import and stack this information for you.

For example, you import a property address of 123 Main St on a Vacant List in February, in March this same address is uploaded on a Bankruptcy list, and in June, on a Pre-Foreclosure list. PropStack™ will stack these imports for you; 123 Main St will possess 3 Distress Indicators pertaining to the three instances for which it had been uploaded. You can filter your data to further discern which properties possess a given distress indicator and the corresponding results will be available for reference within your PropStack™.

For additional context pertaining to the List Stacking feature, please reference the video below.