All data uploaded to your Lead Sherpa account will be automatically transferred to your PropStack™ for usage. New data for your PropStack™ may be added utilizing the "Import" feature.

PropStack™ does the stacking for you. Users only need to filter for the specific list type associated with the prospect they're attempting to reference. To identify the properties under most distress, utilize the "Distress Indicator" scale via dragging the stack number to your range of preference. This will allow you to access a resulting list of properties that meet the specified filter parameters.

PropStack™ also allows you to leverage your stack and filter capabilities via the application of distress indicators in conjunction with additional prospect filters such as: Last Sold Date, Property Tags, Prospect Status, Lead Stages, etc. The filter combinations are limitless.

For additional context pertaining to the List Stacking and Filter features, please reference the video below.