This article will provide a walkthrough of the SMS Templates feature utilized to create outgoing messages, alongside how said messages may be factored into your SMS Campaigns for usage.

Utilizing SMS Template Categories

Each actively used category should have a minimum of 10 unique templates.

  1. Please ensure that all your templates are grouped into categories that make sense to cycle through for each campaign.
     *Some users may only have "Initial" and "Follow-Up" templates, however, others may have Day-Specific Templates, so they may create their "Monday" template categories, others may have Probate-Specific Templates, so they would group them under a "Probate" template category.

  2. To group templates into a Template Category, navigate over to SMS Template Manager and select "Edit" on the template you'd like to add to a category.

  3. Locate the "Template Category" dropdown menu and select your preferred category.

  4. On your campaign send page, select the Template Category that you would like to use for the campaign. Our system will auto-cycle through the templates contained within that category.

For additional details and context on the given topic, please refer to the video below.