This guide will encompass the procedures pertaining to the native integration process for Podio within Lead Sherpa. If you are looking to integrate your Podio CRM with Lead Sherpa it's advised that you complete this specific process, rather than an alternative, such as Zapier for best results and functionality.

To set-up native integration with Podio, please refer to the following steps. For all other integrations please refer to this link Zapier Setup: Connect Sherpa to CRM!

  1. Navigate over to Account Settings -> Manage App Integrations within your Lead Sherpa app
  2. Click on the Integrate Lead Sherpa with My CRM button.

  3.  Sign in to your Podio account by clicking the Sign In button. Input your Podio accounts email address and password and click Continue.

  4. Under the subsequent pop-up, select the Organization, Workspace, and Application that corresponds to your account. Afterward, click Complete.
  5. The following form is populated based on what you have set up in your Podio account. Fill out these data points as you see fit. The completion process for this step is entirely dependent on how each user wishes to set up their data to be pushed to Podio. Users are not required to fill out all of the data points to complete this step of the CRM integration process. 
  6. Click Complete and review all your mapped data points for errors or discrepancies. If you wish to implement any corrections to your data points, click Back, otherwise, click Turn on Integration.

For a video walkthrough, follow this link to our Youtube tutorial.