• Prerequisites for setting up a Twilio account
  • Creating and Setting Up a Twilio Account
  • Coming Soon: Connecting your Twilio Account to Lead Sherpa


1. You have established a business entity with an EIN and have the exact, accurate business name, address, and entity type available.

2. You have published a website with a clear description of what you do (purchase homes) and an opt-in form requiring name, property address, phone number, and a checkbox that must be checked by the user which indicates their consent to be messaged.


1. Go to "" and follow the setup instructions.  Where possible, match information to your business for easier setup later.

2. After creating an account, click "Register for A2P"

3. This should guide you to create a customer profile:

4. At this point, you should be entering your company details, EIN, business type, website, etc.  Your screen should look like this:

5. If your screen looks like 4 above, skip to step 7.

Alternatively, your screen may have a mandatory "Sole Proprietor Brand" checked because Twilio sets up a "default" customer profile for you that looks like this:

6. If your screen looks like 5 above, you need to set up a new customer profile:

7. When creating your customer profile, YOU MUST ENSURE YOUR INFORMATION EXACTLY MATCHES IRS RECORDS. That is, your FEIN (FEDERAL EIN), business name and address as registered with IRS exactly:

4. Once that is complete, proceed to register your brand.  You can either do low-volume, or vetting to get higher throughput.  Vetting does not incur significant additional time and may unlock higher capacity so it is encouraged:

8. Finally, create your 10 DLC campaign.  THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT TO GET CORRECT.  Make sure to choose "marketing", then attach it to your messaging service, and then provide a self-generated and authentic description, sample messages, and flow for consent.

DO NOT RE-WRITE EXACTLY WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THE IMAGE BELOW OR IT WILL LIKELY BE REJECTED.  Write your own messages with the essential information (your name, company name, seller name, seller address, and appropriate language) as well as a sensible opt-in flow that references your website's form as well as other methods you have.

This will take 4-6 WEEKS as of this writing, and doing it incorrectly will result in further delays.

Add 5+ numbers per area code in as many area codes as you want.

Add to campaign

Finally, link your Twilio account to Lead Sherpa as follows: