Integrating your Lead Sherpa account directly with Podio comes with many benefits, with the main three being:

  • Push more data points (including skip trace info)
  • Push text messages
  • Sync updates after the initial push

To set-up native integration with Podio, please follow these steps. For all other integrations go here to connect through Zapier.

  1. Head to Account Settings>Manage App Integrations and click on “Integrate Sherpa with my CRM”
  2. Sign in to your Podio account by hitting “Sign In” under Podio Account, inputting your credentials & continuing
  3. Under the subsequent pop-up, select Lead Sherpa under “Organization”
  4. Select the “Workspace” and “Application” that works for you. Everyone will have different selections here, this step is communicating with Lead Sherpa telling it where you want your leads to go
  5. The following pop-up is populated based on what you have set up in your Podio account
  6. Under “Property Address” you’ll select the property address, property city, property state, and property zip. Do the same for "Mailing Address," choosing instead mailing address/city/state/zip. For "First Name“ & "Last Name" you'll subsequently select First Name & Last Name. Continue to fill out the fields as you see fit and what works for you
  7.  Under "Notes" we recommend pushing over "Notes," "Campaign Name," "Agent," "Tags," "Links (Sherpa & Public)," and "Lead Stage." Here you can include your Custom tags, Skip Traced data you'd like pulled over, as well as anything else’ you'd like to include from your data
  8. Hit Complete and review all the data. If something doesn't look right, you can hit Back to correct it. Otherwise, click Test & Continue once all of your data is mapped how you would like.
  9. The prospect John Doe will now have been pushed to your Podio account (it will always be John Doe so you know it is a test lead and not real). Go to Podio and click on the lead to see all the transferred data in your Podio. If something is missing/forgotten, this is a great time to go back and change what you'd like. If you do not see the test prospect, revert back to step 2 to make sure you have the correct login info and rework through steps 3-9.
  10. Once John Doe is in your Podio, select Turn On Integration
  11. To push a real prospect over, go to whichever prospect you'd like and click the three vertical buttons to the right of their name.
  12. You'll see a button marked Push to CRM with Integration. Select this and you will see a 60-second countdown begin. This is so any update that you make before the integration (sending/receiving an SMS, adding tags, changing notes, etc.) will transfer over. You do not have to sit on the page for 60 seconds, it will run in the background
  13. Go to your Podio and you will see your prospect has now successfully moved over. You will see all your texts have moved over as well, something that did not have to be mapped out.
  14. You can push updates to Podio at any time by going to the prospect's page, clicking on the three vertical circles, and hitting Push Up Updates to CRM

For a video walkthrough, follow this link to our Youtube tutorial