Can I use Twilio in more than one market?

Currently, all Twilio numbers within your Lead Sherpa account will be grouped and utilized in rotation together. We are adding a feature that will allow you to separate them into groups (markets) and utilize them separately in campaigns as you do with your current Lead Sherpa numbers. If you have several different area codes within your Twilio account, you will need to deactivate the numbers that you don't want to use at that time in your Lead Sherpa Number Manager -> Twilio Numbers tab. For a broader overview of Twilio questions, please refer to Twilio Benefits & FAQ.

Phone Number Limits & Prospect Uploads

Each prospect can have up to 3 phone numbers associated with them. After the first three numbers, contact info accuracy is expected to decrease. This can potentially result in an increased chance of wrong numbers being contacted, alongside hostile recipients.

Do Not Call (DNC) List & Prospects

When a prospect is added to the Do Not Call (DNC) list they will be skipped in every future campaign. This function is permanent, so only utilize it for numbers that you know will never be contacted again. Please note that this action will only affect the specific phone number you've applied the DNC option to. For prospects that possess 2 or more phone numbers, the additional numbers will not be added to the DNC list.

  • You can assist Lead Sherpa users by adding hostile prospects to the Master Do Not Call List.
  • Messages may still be sent and received on the prospect page when a prospect is marked DNC.

Prospect Address Requirements

Both mailing and property address information are required in order to maintain a complete set of data for your database. If you only have the property address, copy and paste the data columns from the property fields that you have into the absent columns.

Correcting Upload Data

In the scenario wherein you've incorrectly mapped your upload data, you can export your mobile numbers and correct the data within the corresponding export file. When the data has been amended,  re-upload the file. The system will update your prospects with the corrected data; you will not incur charges for the re-upload.

Landlines & Monthly Upload Limit

Landlines associated with your prospect data do not count against your Monthly Upload Limit.

How to Message All Three Prospect Numbers

All three numbers are added to the Campaigns sending queue upon uploading your list. However, if you've verified the owner on one of the numbers, the remaining numbers will be removed from the send que.

  • Only verify the owner when you're sure you have the correct person. Verification of an owner will remove sending capabilities to the other numbers associated with the property.

Locating Missing Responses from a Campaign

If your Campaigns receive a response rate, but your New Messages inbox hasn't received any updates, your "Auto-Dead" feature may be activated. In this scenario, all the replies have been filtered to your "Dead (Auto)" lead stage category.

  • We suggest periodically checking your Dead (Auto) Lead Stages category within PropStack to confirm if any responses have been wrongly filtered. 

Unable to Respond to Prospect

If you've written a response to a prospect, but the message is unable to be sent, it is likely that your message content contains a word that's flagged by carriers as spam.

  • Please refer to our Blocked words or phrases article to review the content of your messages for possible blocked language.

Differences Between Pre-Litigator and Litigator-Associates

Pre-litigators: Contacts that have addressed to an agent that they were looking to pursue legal action against them, but have yet to commit to formal litigation.

  • Litigator Associates: Contacts within your prospect data that are connected to a known litigator.

Adding New Markets to Your Account

If you have Lead Sherpa numbers active on your account, navigate over to Account Settings -> Account Info & Settings -> Markets -> Buy a New Market. Each additional market is $100/month. Upon completion of your market selection, the charge will be applied to your current monthly billing amount and 30 numbers for that market will be added to your account.

  • If you have Twilio numbers activate on your account, additional numbers would be purchased through Twilio and added to your Lead Sherpa account via Number Manager -> Sync Twilio Updates.

Causation for Low List Quality Score

List Quality Score is determined by the usage of the 'Verified Owner' button. Each instance wherein you designate a prospect as 'Verified' will result in an increase in this rating. A low rating for this stat is often correspondent to poor data quality and/or unverified owners.

Recording Calls

You can enable Call Recording for Prospect Relay via Account Settings -> Company -> Campaign Settings -> Record Calls

  • Please note that some states require a two-party consent to be established before a recording can be initiated. We advise that all users be aware of the regulations pertaining to their target markets in order to protect their businesses.

Restoring Archived Campaigns

Data is never permanently deleted from Lead Sherpa. To transfer an archived Campaign to your active Campaign category, select Campaigns -> Archived -> Unarchive. You can re-activate the campaigns by accessing the three dots icon to the right of the campaign entry.

  • When a campaign is archived, you will still receive incoming messages to your "All Unread" tab.

Locating Your Payment History

You can locate your Billing History via two options:

  1. Account Settings -> Billing Information (Accessible within your Lead Sherpa app)
  2. Chargedesk (Accessible via the provided URL within your Lead Sherpa email receipt)

How to Process Your Single Skip Trace

The Single Skip Trace feature is based on a credit system. To add credits, navigate through the following processes on your account:

Skip Trace -> Single Skip Trace -> Add Skip Trace Credits

*Minimum credit purchase for this feature is $10, which will provide you with 40 credits. One credit is used per Single Skip Trace search as long as data is returned. Credits are for single skip traces only. They are non-refundable and cannot be utilized for Batch Skip Trace.

Lead Sherpa's Refund Policy

All Lead Sherpa payments are final and cannot be reversed. Should you request any changes be made to your account after you've been billed, the changes will take effect on your next billing date. If your next billing date falls on a weekend, please request changes to be made prior to 5PM Friday. 

  • Our office hours are as follows: Monday - Friday 9AM- 5PM MST. 

Character Limits on Templates

For SMS Templates, we've implemented a maximum character length for all templates to address carrier compliance. When a message is longer than 160 characters, the text can be split into two separate messages. At this threshold, you will receive a prompt indicating that the text may be split into two messages.

How to Skip Qued Prospects

Qued prospects can be skipped via the following two options:

  1. Click the "DNC" button on the send page to add them to your account's internal DNC list (Once a prospect has been marked as "DNC", they cannot be contacted again)
  2. Click the "Skip" button on the send page to skip the prospect within this campaign (Skipped prospects may be contacted again within future campaigns)
  • Additional details pertaining to a Campaign's auto-skipped prospects can be accessed by clicking on the yellow magnifying glass icon within Campaign -> Metrics -> Batch Stats -> Skipped.

Accepted Payment Methods

Our in-app payment processor accepts the following credit card brands:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

SMS Capabilities on Sundays and Holidays

Our system only restricts sending capabilities between the hours of 8:30PM - 8:30AM. We advise users against sending messages on Sundays or holidays. It's preferred that prospects be messaged at ideal times (Monday - Saturday).

Editing A List Post Campaign Upload

To edit or re-map a list that you've already uploaded into a campaign, download the "phone numbers" csv. from the import stats of the Campaign (found under the "Metrics" tab). Delete the extra columns so that the file matches the uploader template. Make the edits, save, and re-upload the file to the same Campaign.

  • As long as you are not adding new phone numbers to the system, re-uploading a list will not count against your Monthly Upload Limit. When uploading the list to the same campaign, prospects who were already messaged will not be re-queued for messaging.

Monthly Upload Limits

Monthly Upload Limits are correspondent to the Subscription Tier applied to your account. You can review your monthly limit by referencing this data within Account Settings -> Billing Information. The cost per excess prospect upload is $0.05/prospect.

  • Concerning File Upload Size: Our uploader will accept up to 100,000 records at a time. However, this can take considerable time to process. We suggest that files equal to or surpassing 100k records are reduced to files containing 50,000 records or less for uploading.

Password Change & Recovery

To change or reset your password, log out of Lead Sherpa and follow the forgotten password link. This will prompt you to create a new password for your account. You may also reset your password by following this link:

Upload Template Formatting

Although the categories in the Uploader Template are all required for proper Skip Trace functionality, the order of your columns does not matter. As long as the data points pertaining to the columns are mapped correctly within your Skip Trace file, the upload will be applicable for processing.

How to Delete a User

At this time you cannot delete users from Lead Sherpa, however, you can deactivate their access to the associated company's account by setting their status to "inactive". This can be accomplished via Account Settings -> User -> Deactivate User.

Lead Sherpa is Quoting More Total Rows/Columns Than Available In Upload File

The system is likely reading empty rows of data as having value and quoting for those. All you need to do is open the file, delete a few hundred extra rows and columns that appear to be empty, and re-upload.