In order to get started to using Lead Sherpa, here are our list of requirements to have the implementation process completed the fastest:

  • EIN that is older than 30 days.
  • A website that reflects your business of real estate investing.
  • An opt-in form that is easily findable on your website that includes name and phone number 
  • Disclaimer language under your opt in form

Our recommend language for collecting opt-in is :

"By checking this box, I consent to receive recurring emails, text messages and calls with marketing offers and other information about my property, including possibly using automated technology. Msg. & data rates apply. You may opt out at any time. Consent is not a condition of purchase.”

There are two types of opt-in relevant to our use case:

Express Consent: The recipient has expressed interest in your offer, and you follow up. For example, if they submit a form with their contact information and receive an informational message. Our use case falls under this category.

Express Written Consent: Additional scrutiny is applied to promotional marketing campaigns where something is being sold. The recipient must have signed or checked a box authorizing the message in this case. This additional layer is not required for our use case but is nice to have.

To meet the "express consent" requirement of the carriers, users of Lead Sherpa's SMS platform must:

  • Attest and prove that they have a mechanism for collecting opt-in from recipients before sending messages.
  • Acknowledge that if they are audited and cannot provide proof of opt-in, their account may be terminated without a refund for the current billing period.

Here is a visual example of what your form should look like: