Kindly take the time to carefully review the instructions as follows:

  1. If you are new to the Lead Sherpa system or have never used Twilio, proceed to setup SMS:

  2. Once you've completed setting up your account for SMS, go to "Account Settings" => "Manage App Integrations" and choose:
        Refresh Connections - if your connection information has not changed
        Update Credentials - if you have a new account or integrating a new account

  3. Upon entering your credentials, log in to your Twilioaccount and carefully copy the right information over:

    *See the images below*

  4. Next, the system will review all of your numbers and determine which can be formed into markets. Check the box next to any area code you want to convert into a market. After choosing your market, finalize by clicking the "Submit" button. *There are no recurring charges for adding Twilio markets*

  5. Go to "Account Info & Settings" and click the three dots next to each Twilio market you created to set the call forwarding number:

  6. Continue the account setup process, if required, then create a campaign, push prospects in, and start messaging!