1. Go to the skip trace platform by selecting the "book icon" on the left-hand side.

2. Click the "Batch Skip Trace" button on the top-right-hand side.

3.1 A pop-up window "Skip Trace Resources and Instructions" will show up with instructions. 


3.2 Click the "Download Skip Trace Template" button to access the sample template.

3.3 Get your file ready by formatting as indicated in the skip trace template. An example is shown below:

3.4 Save your formatted file in ".CSV (Comma Delimited)" format for compatibility with the system.

4. Click the "Launch Uploader" button to begin the upload process.

5. Click the "Upload data from file" button and select your formatted ".CSV" file to upload.

6. Select "Yes" if and only if the row pointed by the arrow on the left side contains column headers. 

(If your file doesn't contain any headers, go back to step 3.3 to format your file correctly.)

7. After clicking "Yes" in the previous, you will now be confirming if the system was able to map out the data from your uploaded file. Click "Confirm mapping" when you confirm the matched data.

8. Once confirmed, click the "Review" button on the bottom-right side.

9. Review to make sure that the mapped data you confirmed are reflected. Once you're done reviewing, click the "Continue" button to proceed.

10. Click "Yes" to submit your file to begin the skip trace.


11.1 Select "All unique addresses in "file name" to look up current property contact info for all the records in your file.

11.2 Select "Only unique addresses in this file which have not been refreshed in over" to look up current property contact info for the records in your file that are older than the selected period from 1 month to 18 months.

12. Review and examine the "Transaction Summary" and supporting clauses.

13. Click "Start Skip Trace" to start the skip trace transaction.