1. Go to your template manager
  2. Enter your template settings: Outgoing company name (will appear in all initial templates)
  3. To create new templates, click “Create SMS Template.”
  4. Name the template (ex. primary outgoing message).
  5. Identify the template category
  6. Create template messages following our Messaging Best Practice guidelines* (use the tags provided by dragging them into the template where appropriate). {CompanyName} tag is required.
  7. Set an alternate message (a generic message that does not use merge tags, only used for prospects who don't have a full set of data).
  8. Save Template.
  9. Create more!

Create at least 10 outgoing messages. For each batch you send, use a new template. This avoids spam filtering and keeps delivery rates high.

*Messaging Best Practice

Your outgoing message templates will have a direct impact on your deliverability score and the types of responses you’ll get from prospects. Watch our Messaging Best Practices YouTube Video below to ensure you’re following the steps to get the best deliverability and response rates possible. When creating your template, we also give you the following guidelines. Follow them, and you’ll be successful:


Include these four items in your message, and arrange in any order you wish. Create at least 5 versions of this message, and cycle them every 500 sends to maintain high deliverability.

1. *Required* Identify yourself using the {CompanyName} merge tag (you may also use the {UserFirstName} merge tag in conjunction with Company Name). 

2. Use the "Property Street Address Tag" to name the property address you are interested in purchasing

3. End with a question

Note: Opt-out language will be automatically appended to the end of each of your messages.


• Never include a URL in the initial message

• Do not use spammy language or ALL CAPS

• Use common sense