When it comes to delivery rates, the more numbers you have in your number manager the better. Outgoing messages are cycled through every number in your account, so the more numbers you own the less each number is used. If you notice your delivery rate consistently drop below 80%, purchase more phone numbers (only $1 each) and change your outgoing messaging. Keep at least 30 phone numbers in your account for each market. Power users retain 200+ numbers at all times and consistently enjoy delivery rates well above 90%. The above goes for Twilio users as well. If you notice delivery rate start to slip, add more Twilio numbers. (Don't forget to hit "Sync Twilio Updates" from your Number Manager)

Use a wide variety of unique outgoing messages to get the best delivery and response rates. Have at least 10 Unique SMS Templates per category to ensure high delivery rates.

Here are some tips for creating your messages and ensuring good delivery rates:

  • Follow the general outline instructions and click the merge tags to insert them into the template where needed - the {CompanyName} tag is required in all messages.
  • Keep messages to less than 160 total characters to avoid having the carrier break it apart. You may create templates up to 320 characters and will be notified once the message may be broken into two.
  • You need at least 15 different messages created using our guidelines on the template creation page. Create more whenever you can and edit/update them regularly. Stay away from messaging similar to our blocked spam words.
  • You can also save an alternate message that will automatically be used in the place of a message that doesn’t have the necessary prospect merge tag data (ex. missing the first name). {CompanyName} is still required in these and is the only merge tag that will work.
  • In the “Send” tab of the campaign, you can see a preview of the message and you’ll be able to see the message the recipient will receive with all tag data merged in—check for errors before sending each message.
  • Pay attention to the Batch Delivery Rate to make sure they do not slip below 80% for more than two or three batches.
  • Space out your batches. Sending too many messages back to back can get you flagged as spam. Send one batch, work through replies, come back and switch to a new template and send another batch, then work through replies, etc. This natural separation should allow at least a few minutes between each batch. We like to recommend between 7-9 minutes between batches and about 2-3 seconds between each SMS.

To avoid repetitive messaging being sent out by our users and flagged by carriers, we've chosen to not advise our users on what to say. Play around with the formula below to generate multiple unique messages for your account.

Are you getting 0% delivery rates?
This likely means you've been flagged as spam by the carriers. These blocks last about two hours before you will be able to start sending messages again. Here's what you should do during that time:

  • Reconsider your messaging method. Most often, it's the high-frequency-messaging accounts that are being flagged as spam. We highly suggest leaving at least a few minutes between each batch to avoid sending too many messages too quickly. seven minutes should work, fifteen is great.
  • Go back to the drawing board with your templates - put yourself in the carriers' shoes and take out any language that might be commonly used in bulk/spam messages. Carriers are always becoming more strict with these spam filters, so use common, conversational language that would be hard for them to block and leave the specifics to the replies. Remember, though, to keep your intent clear in that first message so it doesn't appear as if you're selling anything. Refer to the language that has been known to be blocked here, but keep in mind this list is not exclusive and anything conveying a similar message may get flagged.
  • Watch this webinar, where we cover why this happens and how to mitigate it.

Required Reading: Facebook discussion on the correlation between quantity of phone numbers and delivery rates.

Message Content Guidelines

Include these four components in your message and arrange in any order you wish. Create as many templates as possible to cycle through to have less repetition in your messaging. We suggest 10-15 to start, but the more you create, the better.

1. Identifying a company name is required using the {CompanyName}dynamic field. You may also introduce yourself or someone from your team by first name using the {UserFirstName} field.

2. You may use the {StreetAddress} dynamic field to name the property address you are interested in purchasing.

3. End with a question

4. Opt-out language will be automatically appended to the end of your message on your behalf.


• Phone numbers are CHEAP - buy many to maintain high delivery rates

• Never include a URL in the initial message
• Do not use spammy language or ALL CAPS (ex. "we'll give you CASH!!!" or anything similar to the blocked words here).
• "Insurance," "mortgage" and "loan" will not deliver

• Avoid templates that look like you're phishing for information. Instead of asking "Is this Allison?" address them confidently with a "Hi, Allison!" or if you're not confident in your data, you may not use the {FirstName} merge tag and instead only mention the address you're interested in.

• Use common sense

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.