Here are the steps on how you can create new outgoing SMS templates:

  1. Upon logging into your account, navigate to the third icon (pencil icon) starting from the bottom on your left-hand side. Click the pencil icon to access your SMS Template Manager.

  2. Once you've accessed your SMS Template Manager, hover to the right-hand side and click the settings (gear icon) beside the "New Template" button to set your company name and the first name that will be used in your templates.

  3. After clicking the settings (gear icon), a pop-up will be shown and you can now set your company name and sender's first name as shown in the example. For additional information you may look at the question mark bubble encircled red in the image below:

  4. Once you've finalized your company name and sender's first name, click the "Save" button on the lower-right side. (This will establish the company name and sender's first name that will be referenced within your templates).

  5. After saving your company name and the sender's first name, you may now create new templates. On the right-hand side, you need to click the “New Template” button.

  6. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to specify the details for your template via the following fields:
    *Read and follow carefully the instructions highlighted with the red box in the image below.* 
    • Template Name - specifies the name/title of your template
    • Select or Create a Template Category - specifies the category that the template will be assigned to
    • Message - specifies the outgoing SMS content that recipients will receive. We advise that all users refer to Messaging Best Practices & Delivery Rates for advice on suggested message content and structure.
    • Alternate Message - specifies the alternative SMS content that recipients will receive. This message will be sent out if one or more of the dynamic fields within the Message is unable to locate and assign the corresponding prospect data.
    • {CompanyName} - specifies the specific company name that will be assigned to the dynamic field tag of the same name. This is a required dynamic field.

  7. After completing and finalizing each of the fields, you can save your new template by clicking the "Submit" button on the lower-right side.

IMPORTANT: It's recommended that at least 10 outgoing messages per category be created prior to starting your campaign. For each batch you send, the system will utilize a new template by auto-rotation. This decreases the chances that your messages will be filtered as spam and keeps your delivery rates optimal.

  • Messaging Best Practice: Your outgoing message templates will have a direct impact on your deliverability score and the types of responses you’ll get from prospects. 
  • When creating your template, we also provide you with the following guidelines. Follow them, and you’ll be successful:
    Include these three items in your message, and arrange in any order you wish.

1. Identify yourself using the {CompanyName} merge tag (you may also use the {UserFirstName} merge tag in conjunction with Company Name). *THIS IS REQUIRED* 

2. Use the {StreetAdress} merge tag to name the property address you are interested in purchasing

3. End with a question

  • Never include a URL (website) in your templates.
  • Do not use spammy language or ALL CAPS.
  • Use common sense.

Note: Opt-out language will be automatically appended to the end of each of your messages.

For additional information pertaining to Messaging Best Practices, please refer to the video below.