Lead Sherpa isn’t designed to be used as a Customer-Relationship Management tool (CRM), so when you have qualified a lead, it’s time to push the prospect through to your CRM.

We use Podio as our CRM, so that's what is being used in this example. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to push your lead through to Podio:

  1. Go to Podio.
  2. Click wrench in leads app.
  3. Click “Email to App” function.
  4. Copy the address it gives you.
  5. Go to Lead Sherpa.
  6. In Campaigns, click the settings wrench, and paste the copied address into the field labeled “Enter Podio Push Email Address.”
  7. Go to the qualified prospect and the “Email Push to Podio” button is activated now and it will push to your CRM.

If you don't use Podio, you can reference our Zapier Webhook Setup article to push your Leads to your CRM via Zapier.