Looking to recontact the prospects that were skipped in a campaign?

Once your campaign is complete, there are two ways to recontact your skips.

Create a follow-up campaign (As long as 5 days have passed since initial campaign creation date)

1. Access original campaign

2. Create follow-up

3. Select skip reason ANY to include both carrier and 5-day skips

4. Create campaign

By using the skip reason filter, this will create a skip-only campaign. All other prospects will remain in the initial campaign to create other follow up campaigns when desired.

Download skips and reupload (Can be done even within 5-days of initial campaign)
1. Download the MOBILE csv from the import stats
2. Access the Skip reason column

3. Filter to carrier and threshold skips

4. Save these prospects and upload into new campaign

Note: Re-uploading prospects that already exist in your Sherpa account will not count against your upload limit.