When exporting a campaign (either by clicking the Export button from the Campaign List, or one of the exports available under the Metrics tab of the campaign), an Excel spreadsheet will  that looks similar to the following:

We'll go over what each column signifies and the typical data that may fill the subsequent rows.

Full Name - This is the prospect's Full Name (First & Last) Ex. "John Printer"
First Name - This is the prospect's First Name Ex. "John"
Last Name - This is the prospect's Last Name Ex. "Printer"
Stage - This is the lead stage you've selected for the prospect in your campaign. Common items include:

  1. Blank - If the campaign is complete, this was a landline or they were skipped. If the campaign is not complete, it's possible they are still in the queue and simply have not been messaged yet.
  2. Initial Message Sent - This means the lead has been contacted and has yet to reply
  3. Dead (Auto) - This means the lead sent a return text disqualifying them as a legitimate prospect ("not interested," the wrong number," sold")
  4. Response Received - This means the lead has responded to your initial message

*All other lead stages will have to be manually selected by the user

Phone - Prospect's phone number

Email - Prospect's known email

Mailing Street - Prospect's personal mailing street address

Mailing City - Prospect's personal mailing city

Mailing State -Prospect's personal mailing state

Mailing Zipcode - Prospect's personal mailing zip code
Property Street - Property's street address
Property City -  Property's city

Property State - Property's state
Property Zip - Property's zip
Custom 1-4 - These are your own custom fields (can contain whatever you wish, as long as it's under 500 characters)
First Import Date - The first time the prospect was imported into Sherpa
Last Import Date - The last time the prospect was imported into Sherpa

Owner Verified - Lets you know if the owner has been verified in our system ("Verified" means they have been verified as the owner "non-owner/unverified" "open" haven't confirmed any owner)
Is Vacant - Tells you if the house is currently occupied or not ("Y"=Yes, "N"=No)
Campaigns - Tells you which campaign the prospect is in
DNC - This shows you whether the prospect is on our internal "Do Not Call" list ("True"=They Are, "False"= They Are Not)

Wrong Number - Lets you know whether the number associated with this prospect has been marked as "Wrong Number"

Last SMS Sent -  Time/date of the last recorded instance an SMS was sent to the prospect

Last SMS Received - Last recorded instance an SMS was received from a prospect

Lead Sherpa Page - URL that only the Master Admin on the Lead Sherpa account can access

Public Page - URL that anyone with the link can access

Skip Reason - This shows you why the prospect was skipped. Commonly seen items are:

  1. "Opt-Out" - This means the prospect has replied stop to an SMS and will no longer receive messages from any Sherpa user
  2. "Threshold" - These are prospects that are skipped due to the 5-day rule i.e. a prospect cannot be messaged within 5 days of having been previously messaged by yourself OR another Sherpa user

Litigator - Whether the prospect is a known litigator
Associated Litigator - This tells you if the prospect is associated with a litigator

For additional info, please refer to this video, Integrated Skip Trace [HOW TO USE IT].