How to navigate through your accounts Company Settings to configure Campaign Settings, Default Alternative Message, and DNC List.

Summary: This walkthrough will provide an overview of your accounts Company page, wherein you will be able to configure features such as Campaign Settings, Default Alternate Message, and DNC List. This will allow you to apply additional nuances to your Campaign, providing you greater functionality for customizing your workflow.

Lead Sherpa Tip: To reference additional details about an item, mouse over to the '?' tooltip for context.

Campaign Settings

This section will allow you to customize the auto-filter features applied to your Campaigns, allowing you to minimize or maximize the amount of time and control you wish to have over these otherwise manual processes. To activate/deactivate these filter settings, click on the switch icon referenced below. An active filter status will be designated as blue, while an inactive filter status will be designated as gray.
  • Auto-Dead: Filters prospects within your campaign that have replied with a message possessing a negative context. Responses such as “sold, wrong number, and not interested” would be keywords that are filtered and added to the 'Dead (Auto)' lead stage category if this option is activated.
  • Auto-Filter: Filters prospect messages within your campaign that contain the keyword "STOP"
  • Auto-Verify: Enables your campaigns to auto-verify owners. 
  • Record Calls: Enables the option for calls to be recorded in-app. Some states require a two-party consent to be established before a recording can be initiated. We advise that all users be aware of the regulations pertaining to their target markets in order to protect their businesses.
* If you have a Response Rate, but haven't seen any replies come in, this may be resultant from an activate 'Auto-Dead' feature. You can access these replies by navigating over to your Auto-Dead Inbox (we advise that you periodically check your Auto-Dead inbox in case any messages have been wrongly filtered)

Default Alternate Message

This field will allow you to define the Alternate Message that will appear within your SMS Template Manager whenever a New Template is created, rather than having to create a new Alternate Message for each new template. For advice on template language, please refer to Messaging Best Practices & Delivery Rates.

DNC List 

This section will allow you to bulk import/export and reset your account's current DNC list. 
  • Export Account DNC List: Generates a .csv file containing all the prospect numbers within your accounts DNC category for download.
  • Reset DNC List: Clears your account's current DNC numbers.
  • Import/Bulk Import/Bulk Remove: Allows you to manually add a DNC number list to your account for inclusion or removal.