How to get started messaging with Telnyx

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of setting up your Telnyx account. This article provides clear instructions and valuable resources to help you leverage Telnyx's features, enhancing Lead Sherpa's capabilities for your business.

 → Phase 1: Initial Setup

  • Set up your Telnyx account with an initial messaging profile.
  • This setup allows you to send non-registered 10DLC traffic once your account is approved, typically within 1-2 days if all information is entered correctly.
  • After completing this setup, you can integrate with Lead Sherpa and begin messaging.

 → Phase 2: 10DLC Approval

  • While messaging, start the process of getting your account 10DLC approved.
  • Effective December 1st, 2024, non-registered 10DLC SMS messages will not be allowed.
  • Begin the 10DLC process by following the link below:



→ Telnyx - Sign Up

→ Telnyx - How to Sign Up for a Telnyx account

Telnyx - Register for 10DLC Messaging

→ Telnyx - Setting Up a Messaging Profile

→ Telnyx - SMS Guide

→ Telnyx - Throughput Limit for Outbound Long Code SMS

→ Telnyx - Rate limits

→ Lead Sherpa - Adding a new user to Telnyx

1. Creating a Telnyx Account

Step 1: Go to Telnyx—Sign Up and start the account creation process. You can use the provided buttons to sign up for Single Sign On with Gmail and Microsoft, or you can sign up directly using the form.

Important: Users must have a business email address to create or sign up for a new account, as certain free email providers are not permitted for account registration.


After completing this step, you should be redirected to the following page. 

Open your email inbox and find one with the subject “Verify Your Account”. Click on “Verify email address”. 

The system might request you to verify your identity. If that’s the case, select the document you want to use and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 2: Once you activate your account, you will be asked to provide details about your use case. 

Add your organization's name to the pop-up field and click “Continue”. 

Step 3: Select the option “Messaging” and fill in the remaining fields accordingly. 

Step 4: After entering your information, click on "Complete account setup." 

2. Buy numbers

Step 1: You will see a page like this after creating your account. To complete the Setup of your account, we will need to add a payment method and buy a number. To do that, click “Add a Payment method” and follow the steps on the screen.

Afterward, go back to this page and click “Buy a number”. 

Step 2: Select the following options and click on “Search Numbers”:

- United States of America +1


- Local

- Area Code

- The markets (area codes) you would like to work on. For this example, we are using 214. 

Step 3: “Add to cart” the numbers you would like to buy, and at the top right corner, click “Cart” when you are done. 

 already have a Messaging Profile set up, you can add it to the numbers. If not, check the next part of this article, where we will share the st

Important: Please make sure to buy at least 10 numbers.

Step 4: If you already have a Messaging Profile set up, you can add it to the numbers. If not, check the next part of this article, where we will share the steps. Click Place Order. 

3. Create a Messaging Profile

For an easy-to-follow video guide, check the official Telnyx Guide here: Setting Up a Messaging Profile 

Step 1: Click on Messaging → Programmable Messaging on the menu on the left and click on “Create your first profile”. 

Step 2: Add a name to your Messaging Profile. Make sure to leave the Inbound Settings empty. 

Step 3: Leave the Alpha Sender empty and click on Manage Allowed Destinations. 

Step 4: You can either click “Add all Regions and Countries” and then “Set Destinations”

or select North America and add the United States before clicking “Set Destinations”. 

Step 5: Turn on “MMS Transcoding,” leave the other toggles unmarked and click "Save".

Step 1: Click on My Numbers in the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the portal.

Step 2: Click the My Numbers tab and find the number you want to add to your messaging profile. For your number, click the Pencil in the “Messaging Profile” column. 

Step 3: Select your messaging profile from the dropdown menu under “SMS Messaging”. 

Step 4: Click Save Changes. The changes may change your monthly recurring charge (MRC) for the number. Click Accept if you approve the change.

Step 1: Go to your account Setting → Manage App Integrations or Number Manager → Phone Connections → New Phone Connection and select Telnyx from the “Choose Phone Provider” dropdown. 

Step 2: Add your API Key (it can be found on Telnyx’s homepage) and click Connect Credentials. Then, follow the remaining steps on the screen to complete the process.

6. FAQ

I bought new numbers. How do I make them appear on my Lead Sherpa account?

After buying the numbers from the area codes you want directly from Telnyx and assigning them to your Messaging Profile, Refresh Connections on your Lead Sherpa account by going to your Number Manager → Phone Connections →  Refresh, to see them and the new markets on your account.

What are Telnyx's rate limits? 

Telnyx will rate limit outbound messages as follows:

 - Long Code: 6 messages/minute/number

 - Toll Free: 1200 messages/minute/number

 - Account: 10 message/second

In general, long code numbers will encounter deliverability issues downstream if you attempt to send more than 200 messages per day. 

Messages that exceed the limits will be queued for your account. Messages will be added to the queue until it becomes full, after which all subsequent messages will be rejected. Messages won't appear in a MDR search while in the queue.

How do I add LeadSherpa as a new user to my Telnyx account?

Step 1: Log in to Your Telnyx Account

Open your web browser and go to the Telnyx login page. Enter your credentials and click "Log In".

Step 2: Navigate to the Account Settings

Once logged in, on the menu on the left, scroll down until you see the "Account Settings". From the dropdown menu, select "Advanced Features."

Step 3: Add the email of the person you would like to invite

In the "Account Settings," under "Sub-users & Permissions," you will find a box to add the email from the person you would like to invite. After that is done, click on "Invite".

   → The email has to be unique within Telnyx (you can't add an email that is already linked to a Telnyx account)

   → To add LeadSherpa support to your account, please make sure to add the email using the following format:


            - For example, if your Company Name is "Lead Sherpa," the email would become 

Step 4: Invitation

After the invitation process is complete, Telnyx will send an invitation email to the new user with instructions on how to join the account.