This article will provide an overview of Property Tags and how to utilize them to organize your data effectively.

Property Tags help you identify property owners who might be distressed or those who are more likely to sell. They can be applied via the following methods:

  • Individually within Prospect Page

  • In bulk when manually adding prospects in an SMS campaign

  • In bulk to all prospects in the post-campaign creation by clicking the "tag icon".

  • You can also create custom tags via Account Settings -> Tag Management -> Create New

To know more, feel free to review this article: CLICK HERE -> Auto-Tagging and Applying Tags In Bulk


  • Utilizing Lead Sherpa's Skip Trace feature will allow as many of the data points recognized within the skip trace file to be auto-tagged when pushed to a campaign. This will save you a considerable amount of time manually assigning tags to your data.
  • When conversing with prospects, check their Tags to see if they are in a niche, this will help you have a better understanding of their situation and how likely they may be to sell.

For additional context on this topic, please refer to the video below.