Here are the steps on how you can create a new SMS campaign:

  1. Once you've logged in to your account, go to the second icon from the top (megaphone icon) on your left-hand side and click it. The megaphone icon is called the Campaigns section.

  2. In the Campaigns section, you may now go to the top-right corner and click "Create SMS Campaign".
  3.  After clicking the "Create SMS Campaign" button, a pop-up will present you with the following campaign creation options:
  • Name: you can specify the name/title of your Campaign
  • Markets: you can specify the market to be used for your Campaign
  • Podio Push Email Address: specifies the CRM email address to push your leads to Podio. To know more, you can click here - Integrate Lead Sherpa with Podio
  • Call Forwarding Number: specifies the number that your incoming calls will be forwarded to. You may keep your master market call-forwarding number or enter a campaign-specific call-forwarding number in this field.
  • Owner: you may select a campaign owner if you have multiple users in your account.
  • Zapier Webhook: specifies the webhook address to push your leads to a designated CRM. To know more, you can click here - Zapier Setup: Connect to CRM Workspace
  • Skip Prospects Who Have Previously Responded: this provides filter options to skip prospects within your list that have already responded to you in your other SMS campaigns.
  • Access: specifies which users you wish to have access to the campaign (Only applies to Staff and Junior Staff). Master Admins and Admins will have access to all campaigns regardless of access. For more info, click here - Managing User Roles and Access

    4. Once all of your preferences have been finalized, click the “Create Campaign" button on the lower left-hand side of the pop-up.

You have now successfully created a new SMS campaign!

For additional context please refer to the video below.