1. Go to the Campaigns tab.
  2. Click “New Campaign” in the top-right corner.
  3. Name the campaign.
  4. Select the market the campaign is in (if you have more than one market, this is what tells the system which numbers to use)
  5. You may keep your master market call-forwarding number or enter a campaign-specific call-forwarding number.
  6. Enter your Podio Push email address to push leads to Podio - check this article for those steps.
  7. Or if you have a Zapier webhook set up for pushing to CRM, select the webhook you would like this campaign to use - check this article for Zapier setup help.
  8. You may select a campaign owner if you have multiple users in your account. This will show under their "owned by me" tab.
  9. Confirm whether you want prospects who have replied in previous campaigns to be skipped. This is default ON to mitigate re-messaging people we're already in a conversation with, but may be turned off if you want to re-hit an entire list.
  10. Should you only want specific users to have access to the campaign, you can list those users under Access. Admins and Master Admins will have access to all campaigns regardless of access. You may restrict for staff and junior staff.
  11. Click “create campaign."
  12. If you've skip traced a file in Sherpa, go to the skip trace tab and push the list to campaign.
  13. If you have a file skipped from someone else, click the "Add Prospects" button in the top-right corner of the campaign and upload the list. Map the columns carefully.

Upon upload, the system will verify phone type with 100% accuracy and queue up only the mobiles for texting.

Important: It’s vital to upload usable high-quality data. If you're not sure of your data quality, upload a small portion of the file. If you have at least 35% mobiles, upload the rest of the file. Upload credits are non-refundable

Tip: While loading the data is loading into Sherpa, you can navigate away from the page and work on other campaigns.

To see how we do it, watch this YouTube video.